This Week in the Community: JASON!!!?!?!?

[This Week in the Community is your weekly look at some of the best Community related work that has come from the Community Blogs and Forums.]

This week’s setup belongs to KenshinGirl. Her room is made up of a lot of manga, games and weapons. Tons and tons of weapons. Like seriously, don’t ever try to break into her house. Check out more pictures of KenshinGirl’s setup over on her Community Blog.

Captain Bus starts an awesome C Blog series, Vice Wolf has some awesome art, the Sega Addicts podcast is go, lots of people are coming to PAX East, Solgrim has NARPs in his pants and more happened over the past couple of weeks in the Community.

pixelpunx drops some more STFUAJPGM on us. Episode #9 focuses on more metal influenced chip music.

GuitarAtomik gave an update on all that he’s working on. Bitch needs to put out new music already!

Captain Bus has decided to start a comment of the week feature over on the C Blogs. Captain has found some of the best comments left on the site and highlighted the for our enjoyment. Week 2. Week 3.

Episode 1 of the Sega Addicts podcast debuted this past week. Check it out and let us know what you think of it! Also, art for the show.

Funktastic’s collection of awesome continues to grow!

Awesome artist Vice Wolf did some special art for Cave Story to promote the upcoming WiiWare release.

GrumpyTurtle is back and he’s brought us some fresh new art!

Here’s some Makato art by Hoygeit.

321gocast episode 11.

Podtoid almost ruined TroutPhishMan’s life. Neat!

Jim Sterling guest starred on ScrewAttack’s Sidescroller’s podcast.

Neonie got a burger!

The Dtoid Minecraft Server built a giant Mr. Destructoid head! Neat!

The latest list of PAX East people is looking good.

The Mana Bar in Australia is opening up this coming weekend!

Mxyzptlk is your new new new administrator over on the forums.

Mr. Destructoid makes a little cameo on DJDuffy’s Nini-Chan.

Silverhertz won some awesome!

Guncannon presents History in Video Games podcast. An academic podcast on Dtoid?! GASP!

Some of these Blur beta codes might still be good. I don’t know.

DtoidSF is planning some sweet NARPs!

The second to last episode of Failcast. The end is sadly approaching.

Animucast episode 7

A Mini-NARP happened in Solgrim’s pants!

Check out Anthony Burch’s UC Berkeley lecture right HERE!


Hamza Aziz