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321gocast Episode11: Pamela Broke It


Hey guys a fair warning: the second quarter of our show was eaten by Pamela, our recording software. We still love her, but it was kinda annoying cause the show is a bit shorter than usual.

But look, Johnny did the showpost this week!

Blue Team�s Analoge bitches to Johnny about his prior post on Sidewinder. It�s a planet made entirely out of ice� Its, really, fucking, cold. Red Team�s Ryu complains to Tactix that all they are doing on Blood Gultch is guarding a base in the middle of nowhere, with no tactical advantage what so ever. But the blues are getting a new recruit, CrocBox and he is bringing a tank. All the while King3vbo and his trusty robot sidekick Cataract have brought down a M12LRV from HQ, and inform the other two that they will be getting a rookie too, Stella. Stay tuned for hilarity, and shenanigans on Red v.s�. I mean 321GoCast.

Shownotes by Johnny "SUCK A FAAAAT DIIIIIIIIICK" Viral, will be a day late. Sorry folks, check back tomorrow.

1:16 � When there�s trouble you call DW
1:32 � Tactix is Dissapoint\
1:52 � We talk a bit about Darker than Black
2:00 � Analoge doesn�t like chicks with purple hair
2:49 � Johnny wants dem Bioshock 2 cheevos.
3:08 � Bioshock 2�s multiplayer entertains Johnny
4:00 � Johnny went to his school�s Lacrosse game.
4:20 � Analoge discovers Minecraft
4:54 � Inside out club
5:12 � Ryu is not pleased
5:42 � Analoge doesn�t hate Mass Effect 2. But doesn�t like any of the characters, besides his Badass Female Renegade Sheppard. Head butting Krogans
6:33 � Male Sheppard voice is mediocre compared to the greatness that is Jennifer H.
7:21 � Shout out to Kauza. Then Johnny talks about an article he wrote. (http://gamerlimit.com/2010/02/bioshock-2-shattered-memories-and-the-fine-art-of-fatherhood/#comments)
8:10 � You cool dawg. 321GoCast considers Kauza cool and you should too.
8:39 � Why does Ryu always go last?
8:50 � No 321GoCast Next Week
9:05 � We apologize in advance Stella. Johnny left Falcon Reaper out on purpose.
9:30 � Falcon Reaper is making us a t-shirt apparently. Analoge really wants that shirt.
10:00 � SizeCast.
10:12 � Johnny wears Large for funzies. He does a lot of things large for funzies.
10:37 � Ryu breaks his promise; he did not finish Bioshock 2.
10:52 � Johny wants to punish him, but cant
11:15 � Tactix attempts to kick Ryu from iRC as punishment, but Ryu chickens out.
11:36 � Johnny suggests a new punishment, Ryu weasels out of it.
11:50 - !LolRyumad is auto kick ryu in iRC
12:15 � Perfect Prosecutor
12:51 � Apollo Justice Kind of sucked? It is a fucking blemish on the perfect record that is Phoenix Wright.
13:17 � Johnny says Goddot and nobody understands him
13:42 � Mispronunciation cast.
14:00 � Johnny tells Ryu he put in the wrong song. Ryu tones out Johnny went he starts talking about Metal
14:32 � Johnny also did not keep a promise to Tactix.
15:12 � Analoge challenged Tactix to Blaz Blue so he stopped playing other games
15:54 � People are building Rapture down there. (Minecraft)
16:44 � Welcome to MinecraftCast
17:53 � Who is excited to play Deadly Premonition
18:30 � Some people took that Sterling post about Deadly Premonition seriously. Sigh
18:55 � Ryu wants a forced avatar policy
19:10 � We don�t care about each other�s opinions
19:28 � Analoge would care more if the comments were intelligent
20:07 � Tactix would rather watch a really bad movie, instead of an Oscar wining movie
20:23 � Taaaaactiiiix
20:36 � Johnny explains his Tactix battle cry
21:00 � Best cut-scene ever
21:43 � F K in the Coffee
22:15 � Shaving in Deadly Premonition vs Shaving in Heavy Rain
22:45 � Its not our thing to talk about the community
22:57 � The Fucking Scooby Doo Trolling Club. We have made the internet better
23:47 � Sorcediles.com
24:18 � That was the Stella episode. FailCast is not good about keeping up with the show
24:46 � Everyone but Necros hates the show
25:10 � First time Tactix sang on the show.
25:30 � Analoge fails at building shit
25:46 � But anyway video games
26:01 � Analoge fails at trolling. We called him out on it pretty fast
26:23 � Congratulations you have outsmarted a household appliance
26:43 � Tactix tries to talk about the Nintendo Summit, the rest of didn�t know about it
27:05 � We talk about Metroid Other M
27:16 � Ryu is confused about the game play
27:48 � Why do anything really?
27:57 � Nerf Now draws Samus comparisons. Metroid (armored), Bralw (Zero Suit), Other M (Huge tits)
28:40 � Fucking Team Ninja. Johnny hates ya�ll
28:57 � Samus is talking, Analoge rages
29:22 � Analoge does his best Gordon Freeman voice
29:44 � Freeman�s Mind is hilarious
30:16 � Freeman is kind of a dick though
30:38 � Johnny talks about which Nintendo characters he might like that they have voices.
30:55 � Well excuuuuse me princess
31:24 � Giving everyone around the silent protagonist voices is fine, and works perfectly
31:42 � If you think about it though, Samus is the best one to be the first to talk
32:10 � Johnny is disappoint that Samus is not voiced by Jennifer H
32:30 � Tactix is intrigued and a Nintendo Fanboy
32:58 � Analoge is going to shun Other M
33:00 � Its going to be weird seeing the Team Ninja logo pop up after the Nintendo logo
34:00 � Cataract up this Bitch, and he and Tactix start to talk about television
34:24 � The Millionaire Matchmaker is funny because of all the stupid shit they do.
35:09 � She�s all did up
35:22 � Guido Yeah!
35:34 � Welcome to TVCast
36:12 � Weirdest Date EVER
36:27 � Johnny questions the sanity of these men
37:00 � Go into this room and Jizz in a cup. Pressure
37:40 � Best strategy
36:48 � What have we become? Amazing Cast
38:02 � We talk about Sandwiches
38:13 � Johnny is jealous of Catarct�s dinner
38:33 � We talk about what we had for dinner. Johnny just had sauce
39:00 � Johnny is comedy gold
39:45 � Can you imagine if he was on for the entire show?
40:16 � Cataract calms down peasents, with is Dragon�s Breath
40:34 � A fucking diplomacy check whilst spitting acid into the air
41:06 � He critted the door
41:55 � Cataract blows up doors. He love blowing shit up with his feet. Every time he takes a step there�s an explosion
42:37 � Our own CrocBox, rolled a natural 20 to find a sandwich
43:00 � Oh my god exploding Knees, fuck yeah
43:40 � It looks like popcorn
43:52 � Prolific weekend in hilarity
44:00- Mega Man 10 comes out tomorrow
44:24 � And somewhere Jonathan Holmes is jizzing his pants
44:36 � Ok well now he is drowning in it
45:31 � Simultaneous Super Market Sweep
45:58 � Analoge hated those kids with the Toys R� Us Shopping sprees
46:44 � Mark Summers does the Vegas production of Price is Right
47: 15 � Gasp its Super Market Sweep dude!
47:47 � Tactix reminds us of old game shows
48:00 � Welcome to TV Cast yet again
48:17 � Johnny makes a pun about Burn Notice. Wackity Smackity Doo
48:46 � Or Shit will fuck shit blragargh
49:11 � What else are they going to throw at Michael Weston
49:30 � He takes down Al Qaida from Miami
49:50 � Michael Weston can out McGiver McGiver
50:36 � Johnny or Ryu would never had started watching Burn Notice if it wasn�t for him
50:56 � What it this I don�t even?
51:06 � Juice Candle
51:18 � Ryu will disown Falcon Reaper if the shirt sucks


F-Zero Big Blue

Phoenix Wright The Fragerence of Dark Coffee

Metroid Other M Music


Download this episode here.

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