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Podtoid almost ruined my life

I'll start by saying I love the podcast and all the editors here. I've been following the blogs for a long time and finally found a site that has good humor and few politics. I was on at Ign for quite some time..never paid for the insider but I have an account that's almost 4/5 years old. Thanks to N4G to linking to Destructoid I probably wouldn't of found it. I liked the articles, checked out the forums and podcast and really found a nice place for my news and bloggy stuff. I've met some cool kids playing the FNF and the forums aren't too snobby.

I'm at mindless drone at a cubicle and in fact posting this from thine cubicle. I sit around all day staring at a screen doing expert level data entry. I'm not keying mindlessly that would fun and easy. Im working at one of the largest insurance companies in the world and trying follow laws and regulations. I answer a phone at a 800 number and speaking with clients and customers and problem solving problems that could in fact mean the difference of millions of dollars.Its very high stress and intense at times. I'm in production so the numbers mean everything. Nothing makes the time go by and the relieves the stress as my podcasts.

Which is coming to the problem. The show is funny! So funny in fact that I laugh. When i laugh it so it was told to me disturbs my "neighbors". In fact I've been threatened with termination recently if it continues. Recently I had my evaluation and the only reason that I didn't get a raise or even a good score was because of my "laughing outbursts". I'm a family man with 3 kids and a spoiled wife. The fact that I didn't get a raise means that I have to spend another year at food pantry's and shopping for clothes at thrift stores.

Now with my job basically on the line I can't do anything but sit and wait to be canned. So thanks Podtoid! Your humorous banter and all the funny crap that pours in my head causing my outbursts laughter, its ruining my life. I can't stop listening...I wont stop listening. Podtoid almost ruined my life and damn it if I still love it.
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