The Roy amiibo is going up for pre-order today in-store and online at GameStop

Store exclusive

[Update: Many of my sources have confirmed that you could pre-order Roy in stores minutes before it went live online. They are also reporting that most stores don’t have anyone waiting in line to pre-order, which was the case at my store as well. It seems like the craze is getting less craze-like every month — regardless of the stock concerns, months ago, you would have lines out the door waiting for the most menial of characters. The online link to pre-order Roy can be found here.]

Roy has been reconfirmed as a GameStop exclusive, and according to an internal memo obtained by the amiibo reddit, he will go on sale today at 3PM ET. This is for both in-store and online orders. After the stock is gone, pre-orders will cease across the US.

For the most part the amiibo craziness has been rather muted post-Wave 4, but there’s something really important to keep in mind in this case — every single Fire Emblem amiibo has been rare in some form. While recent demand hasn’t been that high, a lot of that accounts for the unpopular Animal Crossing figures in the west, whereas people go bonkers for Emblem over here. 

If you want it, try to get it today — log into your GameStop accounts and get your info ready! Note that Roy will not work with Codename: STEAM, but will function in Super Smash Bros. It is not currently known if he will work with Fire Emblem Fates.

Confirmed: Roy preorders [Reddit]

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