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Shakes and Fidget codes (April 2024)

Buy amazing gear with the help of Shakes and Fidget codes!

Updated: April 15, 2024

Searched for new codes!

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If you play DnD, you’ll absolutely love Shakes and Fidget. This game pulls you into a world of monster fighting, dungeon crawling, and exciting PvP. Create a fantasy character you’ve always dreamed of and start your very own adventure to become formidable hero. 

Buying armor can be tedious, so use Shakes and Fidget codes to equip your character with all the necessary items! Instead of spending hours doing quests to get Coins, you can claim them for free with the codes listed below! If you want to play as an overlord, check out our Pixel Overlord codes article to get goodies in that mobile title!

All Shakes and Fidget codes list

Active Shakes and Fidget codes

  • N3UTR4L-EU11—Redeem for rewards (New)
  • RAIDBOSSNUNU-EU11—Redeem for rewards (New)
  • WAVES-EU11—Redeem for rewards (New)
  • CHAZE-EU11—Redeem for rewards (New)
  • RUDI361-EU11—Redeem for rewards (New)
  • ZSOMBEY-EU11—Redeem for rewards
  • DOMCAOFFICIAL-EU11—Redeem for rewards
  • RAJMOND-EU11—Redeem for rewards
  • HELNORMANDY-EU11—Redeem for rewards
  • PROTEX-EU11—Redeem for rewards
  • IDIOTA-EU11—Redeem for rewards
  • UGTFOOLD—Redeem for rewards
  • ZSOMBEY-S8R2—Redeem for 25 Shrooms and 125 LC
  • PROTEX-V9L3—Redeem for 25 Shrooms and 125 LC
  • DOMCAOFFICIAL-W4D8—Redeem for 25 Shrooms and 125 LC
  • N3UTR4L-T2A8—Redeem for 25 Shrooms and 125 LC
  • STPATRICK—Redeem for 200 Lucky Coins
  • FUSION22—Redeem for rewards (only works on old fusion servers)
  • DISCORDANNIVERSARY5—Redeem for rewards

Expired Shakes and Fidget codes

  • 4_ADVENT_23
  • RUDI361-EU8
  • N3UTR4L-EU6

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How to redeem codes in Shakes and Fidget

To redeem codes in Shakes and Fidget, follow our tutorial below:

How to redeem codes in Shakes and Fidget.
Screenshot by Destructoid
  1. Launch Shakes and Fidget on your device.
  2. Choose a class and create your character.
  3. Click the three stripes to open the main menu.
  4. Go into the Mushrooms tab.
  5. Scroll down and choose the Cash Coupon option.
  6. Type the code into the text field.
  7. Press the Give me the bonus button and receive your rewards.

How to get more Shakes and Fidget codes

All you have to do is bookmark this page, and you’ll have access to all the latest Shakes and Fidget codes. However, if you want to embark on your very own adventure to hunt down codes, you can discover more on social media. Be mindful that it’s a challenging task as you’ll have to look for codes among other irrelevant content. Our article provides an easier alternative, but if you want to browse the web on your own, check out the links below: 

Why are my Shakes and Fidget codes not working?

Spelling mistakes and expired codes can make it challenging to claim rewards when redeeming Shakes and Fidget codes. If you’ve made typos, we recommend that you copy/paste codes from now on. However, if you’re dealing with outdated codes, you can’t do much. Reach out to us so that we can test the code in question and update our lists. 

Other ways to get rewards in Shakes and Fidget

Mobile games are usually full of rewards, but here, you can only get freebies with Shakes and Fidget codes. However, don’t get too disappointed because you still have social media. If you haven’t done so before, follow the Facebook page and check it on occasion to see if there are special events and giveaways you can participate in. 

What is Shakes and Fidget?

Shakes and Fidget is an RPG mobile title where you can create your very own fantasy character. Pick a class that you like and customize the appearance of your hero before venturing into the world to do quests for cash. You can often visit the tavern to get tasks from strangers, explore dungeons and fortresses, or fight other players in the arena. 

If you’re seeking more codes for other mobile games, you can find them in our Codes section.

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