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I…I just couldn’t think of a clever thing to say for the hotness today. Sorry.

Loads of stuff happened on the site today, including a bunch more nominees for Dtoid’s “Best Of” 2012 categories (don’t forget to vote for your favorite for Game of the Year!), Chris reviewed the iOS/Android version of Skylanders, Casey went hands-on with the sweet looking new Aliens: Colonial Marines game, The Dtoid Show hit it’s 400(!)th episode, and more stuff happened on 12-12-12…which is the last time we’ll see a date like that in our lifetime.

Also, today is my wife’s birthday.

Destructoid Originals:
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The nominees for Destructoid’s best portable game of 2012
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The DTOID Show’s 400th Episode Spectacular!
Vote and tell us your favorite videogame of 2012

Promoted blog: The five stages of backlog grief
Community blogs of 12/11
Forum thread of the day: The Arcade

Review: Skylanders: Battlegrounds

Hands-on with Aliens: Colonial Marines

The Secret World scraps subscription fees
Nintendo can transfer Network IDs from Wii U consoles
SuperBot is hiring, could be for PlayStation All-Stars 2
SEGA to sue Level-5 for patent infringement
Devs ‘refused’ to move Ellie to back cover of Last of Us
3DS beats PS3’s lifetime sales in Japan
Buy and sell in-game items at the Steam Community Market
You can, and should, pre-order Monaco now
Grab a free copy of Duke Nukem 3D from
Jasper Byrne’s dungeon crawler uncanceled

Nuketown zombies available for Black Ops II season pass
Aliens: Colonial Marines screens have aliens in them
Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy iOS is a free app, paid songs
Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory hits PS3 March 2013
New God of War: Ascension MP trailer is pretty brutal
Vinnie and Spike bring Awesomenauts up to one dozen
Destroy everything: Ace of Spades launches on Steam

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