The Daily Hotness: Skyrim has ruined my life

Well folks, it’s official. I am hooked on Skyrim. Anytime I am not working, I am playing this game. Heck, I had someone cover my shift last week so I could play more. I give it about two weeks before I am completely unemployed and alone. Thanks Bethesda.

It’s been a slow day news-wise thanks to it being Turkey day tomorrow here in the states. It’s mostly about companies that don’t want to release their games on PC because we’re all a bunch of pirates. Apparently consumers are the bad guys, and we can’t be trusted. We’ve also got a new episode of Podtoid, a new Dtoid show, a rundown of the deals for Black Friday, a cool interview, and a look at esports.

Destructoid Original:
Podtoid 177: Plague Dogs
MLG Providence: Heart of the Swarm
An interview with the men behind Final Fantasy
The complete Black Friday 2011 guide
Live show: Getting biblical with El Shaddai
Art Juice: The results of I Am Alive not being on PC
The DTOID Show: Our Black Friday Dealmageddon!

Community blogs of 11/23
Forum thread of the day: Star Wars: The old Republic (KOTOR MMO)

Sigh: ‘New’ Dizzy game is an iOS/Android remake
Keith Vaz wants to ban ‘Call of Duty 3’
DOOM 3 source code now available
Black Friday: Rayman Origins $30 at GameStop, much more
The Dark Meadow now on sale for one pathetic dollar!
Blame Piracy: I Am Alive not likely for PC
Black Friday: Gunnar hosting scavenger hunt, 30% off sale
Nintendo eShop gets Metroid II and more
Chu Chu Rocket! blasts off to Android

Woman selling her game addicted husband on Craigslist
Once Upon a Monster DLC available this very moment
Touch My Katamari on Vita: Stretch and shrink the ball 
Unit 13 is a PS Vita game with guns and shooting 
Mega64: Sonic hits the Casino Night Zone strip
The combat options of Reckoning explored in dev diary
Crazy: Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Battle of Valhalla trailer
Dude, Zelda’s controls don’t work like… WHOA, DUDE!!!!!
Office Chat: Feasts, Black Friday and textureless Skyrim
Shinobi 3DS: The Art of Action-Platforming
25YEARLEGEND: Indie game composers take on Zelda
Assault Horizon gets planes, skins, but STILL no Idols!
Does this new Mutant Mudds trailer mean it’s almost here?
WoW: Hour of Twilight: Adventuring in the evening

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