The Daily E3 Hotness: Mission complete

Technically, our mission isn’t complete yet as we still have a ton more E3 coverage coming your way. The Destructoid team is just leaving tomorrow and as sad as we are to leave each other, all of us agree: We can’t wait to get the hell out of Los Angeles.

Thanks to everyone that came to Destructoid for our E3 coverage. A lot of new users registered on the site this past week thanks to the amazing job everyone did at E3 and we hope you all stick around. Now get an avatar!

Here’s everything that happened on Friday. Enjoy!

Destructoid E3 Originals:
E3 09 Exhaustion preview edition: Little King’s Story
E3 09: E3 Exhaustion: Preview Edition with Ju-On:The Grudge
E3 09: AAF E3 Special! Into the Pixel
E3 09: Video coverage of Sony’s motion controller demo
Fanboy Friday E3 Extravaganza: Microsoft Press Conference
E3 09: Atlus talks Trauma Team
E3 09: Sony touts acne as a next-gen game feature
E3 09: Things that Totally Just Happened at E3 2009

E3 09 Previews:
E3 09: Heroes of Telara shows some early promise serverside
E3 09: Hands on with DDR with Balance Board
E3 09: Real Heroes: Firefighter burns up the showfloor
E3 09: XSEED shows off more of Fragile
E3 09: A first look at Venetica
E3 09: hands on with Dead Space: Extraction
E3 09: Monster Racers is cute
E3 09: Impressions of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter
E3 09: Hands-on with Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma
E3 09: Impressions of Half Minute Hero
E3 09: The Koreans are coming! First look at THQ’s Homefront
E3 09: Undead Knights is Pikmin with zombies
E3 09: First look at Quantum
E3 09: Hands on with LittleBigPlanet PSP
E3 09: Halo ODST gameplay has a night and day difference
E3 09: Hands-on with The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
E3 09: Halo ODST’s Firefight is the hotness

E3 09 News:
E3 09: Fate of EA’s The Godfather series is unknown
E3 09: MMO Kung Fu Hustle was influenced by EarthBound
E3 09: ‘Rare is intimately involved with Project Natal’
E3 09: Sony to provide digital copies of your current UMDs
E3 09: No dual wielding or Equipment usage in Halo ODST
E3 09: Free Realms reaches two million players
E3 09: Ron Gilbert contributing to Tales of Monkey Island

E3 09 Media:
E3 09: Scribblenauts solves the most important questions
E3 09: Aliens vs. Predator screens get hunted down
E3 09: Bayonetta screens make me happy in my pants
E3 09: Alpha Protocol screens and art sneak online
E3 09: Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing screens confirm cars
E3 09: Spy these The Agency screens

Destructoid Originals:
Art Attack Friday: Chris Lange’s Nintendo collages
Friday Night Fights: Red Faction, and why it’s awesome

Peter Molyneux promoted, will direct MGS Europe
EA thinks it had too many new IPs on shelves
Mass Effect downloadable content to be announced soon
EA: If I were Sony, I’d have a headache
11-year-old ‘genius’ hates videogames



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