The cast of Resident Evil:Mercenaries really hates clocks

I love the way that the classic Resident Evil games offer an equal mix of butchered Hollywood action and horror sensibilities and videogame logic. The last few game in the series skewed much more towards the Hollywood side of that equation, which didn’t feel right. That’s part of why I’m so excited for Resident Evil:The Mercenaries 3D. It’s all videogame from beginning to end, with the Hollywood stuff kept to a minimum.

I know a lot of people are bummed that the game has no storyline, but is that really just a bad thing? As long as you have emotional investment in the characters, and a sense of purpose while moving forward against the game’s rampaging hordes of mutants and freaks, what do you need a story for?

Rebecca Chambers destroying a giant, glowing, translucent clock with her ass? That’s all the purpose and emotional investment that I need.

New Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D character trailer [Capcom-Unity]

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