Swery65 ‘can’t promise’ Deadly Premonition 3DS

A lot of readers have asked me about Deadly Premonition on the 3DS, as if this lowly blogger has some sort of power to make it happen. Unfortunately, I have no such power, but I do have the email address of Deadly Premonition director Swery65. 

I asked the developer about the possibility of Deadly Premonition on the 3DS, and while he said he could not promise anything, he did answer in the fantastic way that only Swery can answer a question. 

“When Polly and York eat breakfast, it will look three-dimensional,” explains the developer. “It will teach you how long the distance of them was. Haha. OK? How feel?

“I can’t promise you that I’ll make DP for 3DS. Because I don’thave copyrights of DP. It needs to get approval by publisher. Thank you.”

So, it’s all up to the publisher, and not Access Games. It’s always weird when developers don’t have the rights to their own creations, but I think we all know what this means. Time to go pester Ignition until they break down and allow Deadly Premonition on the 3DS! This is a thing that must happen!

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