Street Fighter V All Character Pack is actually, maybe, probably, SFV’s last DLC drop

akira street fighter v all character pack

In case, five years later, you’re finally ready to fight

In the five years since the release of Street Fighter V, Capcom has made many DLC drops. There’s been five full season passes, numerous Capcom Cup exclusives, the Story DLC, the Arcade Edition, and the Champion Edition. All of the above kind of laying waste to the launch promises of single editions and “all items purchased with in-game currencies.”

Well, with the fighter finally in its twilight phase, it seems that Capcom might have just announced its final — really, honestly, final — DLC package. The All Character Pack, which drops in Japan on December 9, will offer both the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition upgrade along with the Street Fighter V Season V Pass. So that’s every single DLC character ever released for the game, along with some 23 battlegrounds, and over 200 costumes. It took five years, but if you’ve been waiting on an “ultimate” edition. I guess this is it… for now.

The All Character Pack (which is currently only announced for Japan) also contains Street Fighter V‘s final character, newcomer pugilist Luke, alongside recent arrivals Akira, Rose, Dan, Oro, and Eleven. I doubt this pack can even be classed as “all” content, as it will likely not contain the Capcom Cup exclusive skins and stages. But, for the most part, this is as “Ultimate Edition” as you’re going to get… Until they announce the Ultimate Edition in 2022, of course.

Street Fighter V is, ultimately, a great fighting game that staggered over an atrociously bumpy road — populated by technical, financial, and ethical problems —in order to reach this stage, where it sits as the second highest-selling release in franchise history, raking in six million total sales. Under a new producer’s direction, and capitalizing on a brand new generation of gaming hardware, here’s hoping that Street Fighter VI will learn from its predecessor’s stumbling launch, and instead score a massive K.O. on round one.

Chris Moyse
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