Street Fighter 6 creeps ever closer as official rating pops up in Korea

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Release date incoming?

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We’ve read all about Street Fighter 6, we know the roster for Street Fighter 6, and some of us have even played Street Fighter 6, but where is Street Fighter 6? Hopefully, the answer to this question is nearing revelation, as the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea has now issued an official rating for the fighting sequel, suggesting that the title is getting ready to rock.

As spotted by VGC, The Korean game rating committee, fast becoming the best spoiler for game reveals and announcements going, issued a “Yellow” rating for Capcom’s great-looking scrapper, which recommends it for players aged 15 or over. While this rating hardly suggests that we’ll be stepping into Metro City by the holidays, we can at least expect a release date to be forthcoming — perhaps it revealed at next month’s Game Awards festivities? Here’s hoping.

Street Fighter 6, a whole-hearted effort to relaunch the franchise following its poorly-launched predecessor, has already been wowing players who took part in its September beta test — impressive with its slick visuals, dynamic special effects, and various modes and features. Aside from the regular ring rocking, SF 6 will also feature a full, story-based adventure mode, as well as the socially-enthused Battle Hub, goofy match options, and even an arcade packed with classic Capcom titles.

As many fans will attest, The Street Fighter 6 team, under fresh management, has done everything right so far. Now all that is left is for the team to hold ground until launch day arrives, as they’re currently on track to releasing, inarguably, the most feature-packed Street Fighter release in franchise history. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing more concrete news of its release date real soon.

Street Fighter 6 launches 2023 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. For further reading, check out the 50 things I loved in the beta, the leaked character roster, our Do’s and Do Not Do’s, the new theme song, and our look at some specific characters including GuileJuriKimberly, and Jamie & Luke.

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