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Street Fighter 6 utilizes the power of next-gen technology to give Guile eyebrows

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Do Not Jump.

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During yesterday’s Summer Game Fest stream, Street Fighter fans received confirmation that America’s Hero, Flaptop Fanatic, and all-round Family Man Col. Guile would be returning to the ring for the series’ latest installment, Street Fighter 6. The trailer gave us one of our first real in-depth looks at the sequel’s combat, while demonstrating the power of the RE engine in its ability to afford the military hero his first-ever set of eyebrows.

Indeed, for the first time in the mainline timeline since his franchise debut, Guile is rocking a sweet pair of eye caterpillars, proving that it was well worth me buying that PS5 console after all. In addition, he has also grown out a sweet goatee, which seems to be Capcom’s go-to method of saying “This Character is Older”. Much like his fellow roster members, Guile is eschewing his combat gear for a more “street” look, rocking a sleeves blue jumpsuit emblazoned with patriotic patches.

guile street fighter 6 trailer sonic boom

So, what’s Guile bringing to the party? Well, it looks like he will once again take up the role of Terrifying Turtle, equipped with several variations of his famous Sonic Boom as well as his devastating Flash Kick, which remains one of the most powerful and feared tools in fighting games period. In regards to his normals, we can catch a glimpse of his famous two-hit sweep, his surprisingly ranged backfist, and that utterly baffling upside-down kick that never made a lick of sense. For Guile fans, it seems that their man is not straying far from the tools he has always brought to the dance. If it ain’t broke… right?

From his more recent outings, we see the return of Sonic Hurricane from Street Fighter V, as well as his frightening V-Trigger, Solid Puncher, which lets Guile cut loose with a string of mini Sonic Booms, allowing him to suppress his opponent while he dashes in to gain ground. This was an exemplary tool in SFV, so fans will be pleased to see it make its return in the new sequel. Guile’s brand new Super, “Crossfire Somersault”, sees him lift the opponent into the air before hitting them with an explosive step-up Flash Kick. Boom. Frighteningly, he appears to activate the Super from a parry, suggesting that this will be a possibility for some characters. Now that’s stylish.

street fighter 6 guile trailer summer game fest analysis

From this early look, it is clear that the Street Fighter 6 iteration of Guile will be sticking to his guns, frustrating his foe with his projectiles and long-reaching normals, and then shutting down their foolish, panicky jump-ins with Flash Kicks. I, personally, have always struggled against Guile, and the SFV edition was particularly good at forcing you into a corner, before mixing you up with a slew of throws, sweeps, and heavy chip damage. Guile has always been one of Street Fighter‘s most consistently solid characters. And this iteration looks set to build on that legacy…

…Only now with added eyebrows.

Street Fighter 6 launches 2023 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.  Be sure to check out the new theme song, our thoughts on its new protagonists, and perhaps take a look at the recent roster leak (which Guile’s addition pretty much cements).

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