Sony Vaio P: A stupidly expensive PS3 keyboard

I had a Sony Vaio P netbook. Sold it recently. It was a cool little thing to tote around as it weighed in at 1lb. I would take it to light work/press events and vacations to take care of email and light web work. It’s very steeply priced at $800+, but they’re cool enough that you kind of forget that it’s just a netbook. Kinda.

If you did spend $800 and are feeling a bit of buyer’s remorse, you might get some relief in knowing that your sexy little netbook can work as a keyboard for your PS3. Sure, any $20 keyboard would work, but this is…sexier? The new Viao Ps have “Remote Keyboard” functionality built in, letting you use the power of Bluetooth to not only type, but see a subset of what’s on the screen on your netbook. You’ll need software to make this work, wealthy P owners. There’s only a Japanese release as of now, but engadget says it works nicely for the round eyes too.

Here’s Sony’s official webpage for the function.

[via Engadget]

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