Rumor: GameStop holding amiibo event on 8/8 for Duck Hunt, Game and Watch, and R.O.B. (Update)

You had to know all that up front

[Update: The beloved amiibo News Twitter account just posted a picture of a GameStop flyer advertising this event. We currently have no official confirmation from GameStop, but this looks fairly legitimate.

It’s worth noting a PowerUp Rewards Pro membership is not required to line up at the special 9 AM opening time, but you’ll still have to get up mad early just to be competitive. I got to a Best Buy two and a half hours early for Dark Pit and I ended up being the 40th person in line, and that was on a weekday. Good luck!]

A post on r/amiibo today cut through the post-Dark Pit celebrations/commiserations to deliver a grim warning: the world was but one week and change away from what was sure to be another profound boondoggle. According to an anonymous GameStop employee on r/GameStop & the aforementioned r/amiibo post, there will be an event on the August 8 where collectors can drop $5 to pre-order an amiibo three-pack.

The alleged three-pack will be retro themed, and will contain Duck Hunt, Mr. Game and Watch, and R.O.B. amiibo. Each store will have “approximately 30 available for pre-order,” and pre-orders will only be conducted through the standard in-store, not the dreaded Web-in-Store. The post claims that GameStop will be the only retailer getting the three-pack. However — and this is crucial — there will also supposedly be individual releases of these characters. You’ll likely save a couple bucks with this method, but your odds of nabbing these figures are slim.

Both the r/amiibo post & the r/GameStop post claim that stores will be opening an hour earlier for Pro Rewards members, which could honestly mean anything. The last time I went through the GameStop amiibo Dance™, my store let us in about an hour early just to get everything finished. A couple hours ago, I got into a Best Buy two hours early to get my Dark Pit. So this could mean GameStop will crack down on letting people into the store before the official time — or you’ll have to get up even earlier to be competitive.

This sucks, and yet I’m still going to participate in this. I’m not going to look it up, but I’m pretty sure that’s been at the bottom of every amiibo-related news post on Destructoid to date.

Mike Cosimano