Provie set for her block-beating comeback in River City Girls 2

river city girls 2 provie trailer

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WayForward is still showing out the upcoming roster of River City Girls 2 — We already know that Kunio, Riki, and Double Dragon‘s Marian will be joining Kyoko & Misako on their latest rampage through the thug-filled ‘berg, and now we can take a look at sixth scrapper Provie, rounding out our raucous roster.

If this cool-looking lass feels familiar, then you might have seen her kicking ass and taking names in Conatus Creative’s cult 2017 release River City Ransom: Underground, where she made a name for herself as a hip-hop lovin’ pop ‘n’ lockin’ fighter — having combined her love of breakdancing with Brazilian martial art capoeira. Taking time out from her own vigilante squad, “The Flock”, Provie will be ably helping the River City Girls in their fist-flinging battle against the powerful Sabu crime family.

River City Girls 2 was first revealed way back in the summer of 2021, with the team at WayForward drip-feeding characters, features, and rad new ‘choons since the title’s initial reveal. While we are still yet to receive a western release date for the sequel’s launch, (it’s getting a little tight on that “2022” release date now). The sequel, though similar in design to the 2020 original, will feature several new features including simultaneous four-player co-op action, and a variety of stylishly designed new boss characters.

River City Girls 2 is in development for PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms. Be sure to check out our previous write-ups on both River City Girls and River City Girls Zero, as well as our interviews with director Adam Tierney, and awesome composer Megan McDuffee.

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