Rescuing Rococo side quest completion guide Hogwarts Legacy

Rescuing Rococo Side Quest Hogwarts Legacy

Let’s save Rococo!

Plenty of traps await you in Hogwarts Legacy‘s Rescuing Rococo side quest and you’ll have to triumph in order to rescue Agnes’ pet Niffler. Tempted by a gold reflection in Henrietta’s Hideaway, the magical beast has got itself into a bit of trouble. Think you can complete this challenging quest?

Here’s how to complete the mission and return Rococo in one piece.

Beginning the Rescuing Rococo side quest

Rescuing Rococo Side Quest Location Hogwarts Legacy
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To initiate the Rescuing Rococo side questyou’ll want to visit the humble hamlet known as Bainburgh. It is in the Manor Cape region south of Poidsear Coast and southeast of Marunweem.

Once there, talk to Agnes Coffey. She’s a shopkeeper at one of Bainburgh’s stools. She’ll tell you to visit Henrietta’s Hideaway, a place that’s dangerous but holds much treasure inside.

Follow the marker and as soon as you arrive at the castle, be weary of Ashwinders waiting for you at the entrance. You can take them out or use the Disillusionment spell to turn invisible and stun them with Petrificus Totalus. An infamous foe named Dunstan Trinity is patrolling the area as well, likely looking for loot. Before fighting them, try to get stocked up on Wiggenweld Potions, if possible. It is worth fighting these Ashwinders as there’s both an astronomy table and Merlin’s Trial in the vicinity.

On the other hand, you can indeed sneak past them as the entrance to Henrietta’s Hideaway is actually to the side past the stairs on the right. Just turn invisible and you should be golden.

Solving the puzzles at Henrietta’s Hideaway

Hogwarts Legacy Wingardium Leviosa Rescuing Rococo
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In the first room, you’ll see a box with the Glacius symbol on it to the right and on the left, you’ll notice an empty space with a flame insignia. On the sides of the first area, you’ll find two statues with unlit torches underneath. You’ll want to use Incendio on both. The right statue will reveal a treasure chest while the other has a box behind it. Use the Wingardium Leviosa on the box and place it on the empty space with a flame on it. Now, cast Incendio and Glacius on the two boxes to open up the way.

Next, you’ll see Ashwinders scouring the area. You’ll also see some gold coins on the ground. As Nifflers are obsessed with treasure, it’s quite evident this is leading a trail to the animal. Follow it.

You will come across a stumbling block, however. There’s a trap that will stop you from moving forward as the ground will move you to an undesirable location. On the other side, you’ll see a metal fire lantern. Use Accio on the metal fire lantern to make it fall into the vicinity. The trap will then think that’s a person. While it’s doing this, you can run through the corridor and get to the next room. However, there is some treasure that you should be aware of before continuing.

Shifting Ground Hogwarts Legacy
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To get more treasure like the Globes spellcraft, you’ll now need to face the Ashwinders lounging around these castle depths. After you’ve taken out all of your foes, you’ll see three candles on the right side. Light them up with Incendio and you’ll be transported to another room. Open the treasure chests and break the boxes around you. You’ll see another blank space with a flame insignia on it.

Look to the corner. You’ll see a block with Incendio on it. Cast Wingardium Leviosa and bring it along to the blank space. Then, cast the fire spell to initiate it. Return to the second room again (where you just defeated the Ashwinders), and you’ll see that a door has opened to the left side of the Hippogriff statue.

Go down the steps to find a chest to your right on your right. On the left, you’ll see a block with the Glacius symbol on it. Cast the spell on it and then use Wingardium Leviosa again. Slide it through the hole at the top of the metal gate ahead by using the D-Pad and have it land on the empty spot in front of the gate. The path will then open for you. A chest awaits on the other side.

Rescuing Rococo Puzzle Solution Hogwarts Legacy
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Follow the main route down and you’ll see another metal gate. In the far back, you’ll discover a box, this time marked by a flame symbol. Cast Accio instead of Wingardium Leviosa. Then, you can cast the levitation spell and summon it to the other side through the square hole. Cast Incendio to open up the gate. Inside this room, you’ll find the Globes spellcraft you can use in the Room of Requirement.

Almost there…

Now that we’re past that tricky corridor, you’ll see more Ashwinders. Once they’re taken care of, you can solve the last puzzle. Go up the staircase on the right side, and in the opposite space in the room, you’ll see another metal box. Use Wingardium Leviosa to bring it down to the ground floor.  You’ll find a block on the floor that corresponds to the symbol on the box. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on it, activating the lock.

The secondary cube can be found behind a hidden wall. Go right, and underneath the staircase, you should see a stone wall that’s somewhat broken. Walk toward it.

Opening Wall Hogwarts Legacy
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Pick up the Musical Map on the left table and it will activate a new quest called Solved By The Bell. By the staircase in front, you’ll find the cube you’re looking for. Levitate it up the staircase to get back to the last room and bring it to its corresponding space. Cast Incendio. A new passage will appear in front of you.

At the end of the hallway, Rococo the Niffler will be waiting for you. Catch it with the Nab-Sack to finish the quest. Talk to Agnes Coffey to get 300 Gold (if you ask for a fee) and a Niffler Fur-Lined Hat.

Rescuing Rococo Nab Sack Hogwarts Legacy
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