How to complete the Solved by the Bell puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Solved by the Bell: The New Class

Ah, it’s another one of Hogwarts Legacy‘s obscure treasure map quests. That must be why you’re here! In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Mysterious Map for the Solved by the Bell quest, where it points to, and how to solve the bell puzzle.

Head to the ruins to grab the Mysterious Map

After clearing out the Tomes and Tribulations core quest, you can pick up Solved by the Bell. This sidequest will direct you toward the Henrietta’s Hideaway dungeon, far south of the world map. Fly over the southern portion of the Hideaway, and look for a small cavern (pictured in the gallery above). That’s the entrance.

Head inside, look to the left side of the room, and flip the column by casting a fire spell at the brazier. Grab the cube and place it on the seal on the ground that doesn’t have a cube on it. Cast a fire spell on that cube, and cast Glacius on the other cube.

Enter the room and sneak/fight past the Dark Wizards. Hang left and head up the stairway, and grab the pot across the way with Wingardium Leviosa. Move it onto the grabbing floor, and hang left. See that room on the right? Enter the false wall and grab the Mysterious Map, leaving the dungeon afterward.

Tip: Before you leave, you can also complete the “Rescuing Rococo” sidequest in this same location (if you have it). Swap to that quest and finish up Solved by the Bell later.

How to find treasure using the Mysterious Map in Hogwarts Legacy

The mysterious treasure map will point you toward Clagmar Castle, which is due east of Henrietta’s Hideaway.

You can fly directly there or use the Floo Flame fast travel spot. Either way, look for a set of bells within the large ruins where enemies have set up camp. Land, and stand so that you’re facing the bells (like the screen below).

How to solve the bell puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

With basic spell casts (hold left trigger to aim, then press right trigger), you’ll be creating a song using the bells. The solution lies in the Mysterious Map, as it provides a set of eight notes that will end the questline, and cause a magical chest to appear near your feet.

Or, you can just use our solution (this key includes bells numbered from the bottom to the top):

  • Bell 2
  • Bell 5
  • Bell 7
  • Bell 6
  • Bell 5
  • Bell 9
  • Bell 8
  • Bell 6

The main theme for the Harry Potter films will play, and you’ll know you did it correctly. Grab the chest on the ground to finish up the quest. It will complete instantly.

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