Let’s all watch the October 2021 PlayStation State of Play

October 2021 PlayStation State of Play artwork


The month is almost over and we are smack-dab in the middle of the fall games season. But Sony’s got a few more bits of news to share in October, as today they’re hosting a new State of Play stream.

The October 2021 State of Play will go live at 5 p.m. ET / 2 p.m. PT. You can follow along via the embed below, or through Sony’s YouTube and Twitch channels.

Expectations are for this State of Play to center on studios outside Sony, with PlayStation saying it will feature announcements and updates on third-party releases for PS4 and PS5. We’ll have some new looks at previously announced games, and a few reveals from PlayStation’s partners around the globe.

One confirmed attendee will be Little Devil Inside, which PlayStation confirmed will be in the show. It’s nice to see this game surface again, and hopefully this in-depth look will be what patient longtime fans of Little Devil Inside have been waiting for.

Of course, when it comes to Sony’s third-party announcements, there are some heavy hitters. Final Fantasy XVI comes to mind as a possible appearance, or even some other big Square Enix games they might want to tout headed into the new year. Capcom is another usual suspect for Sony’s streams. And it’d be nice to see some other indies alongside Little Devil Inside too.

We’ll see what Sony has in store when the October PlayStation State of Play goes live in a bit. As always, feel free to share your thoughts on the stream in the comments below, and we’ll update this post with the breakout headlines of the showcase after it wraps up.

The headlines:

  • Holy crap, is that a Let It Die battle royale? Deathverse seems interesting and fittingly strange.
  • Musical narrative adventure We Are OFK had a pretty charming trailer. Looking forward to that dropping sometime next year.
  • Bugsnax? No, Bigsnax. Bugsnax: The Isle of Bigsnax will be a free update early next year that adds some big snack-monsters, alongside some neat-looking home customization.
  • Little Devil Inside resurfaced, and yup, it looks good as ever. Hope we get to see more of it sooner rather than later.
  • A new Star Ocean is on the way. It’s once again sci-fi meets fantasy, and the art looks pretty neat.
Eric Van Allen