Nintendo talks restocks of Marth, Ike, and Meta Knight amiibo, but again, it’s ‘limited’

Haha, limited to disappointment

Nintendo took to Facebook today to assuage fears of US amiibo restocks, noting that Marth, and “a few other amiibo like Meta Knight and Ike” (gotta love the vagueness, like they don’t know who exactly was reprinted) will be hitting shelves in “limited quantities” over the next few days.

Based on reports like this, they will be very limited. As a reminder, Meta Knight is exclusive to Best Buy, but the other two should be at most major retailers — if they don’t go to pre-promised pre-orders and the employees first.

Outside of the update I already gave you on GameStop, here’s a few more tidbits. According to an internal leak, Target is expecting roughly the same amount of Marth shipments this month. If you do the math, it comes out to a few figures per store across the US. Reddit user ziggary may also have uncovered a possible Lucario reprint on top of these, but nothing is set in stone yet.

Additionally, that “Shulk restock” that was supposed to go out earlier this month — looks like a bust. Mine hasn’t shipped yet, and we’ve gotten multiple confirmations from readers noting that it isn’t going to happen until June 30 at the earliest after contacting GameStop customer service.

Just another day in the amiibo neighborhood.

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