Nintendo pulls 3DS game over homebrew exploit

Ironfall: Invasion removed from eShop

Ironfall: Invasion is a decent little shooter for Nintendo 3DS that you likely haven’t heard of; and now that you have, you can’t play it, as Nintendo has removed the game from its online store.

The move came mere days after coder Jordan “Smealum” Rabet showed the title being used to launch a homebrew app, something the 22-year-old also did last year with Ubisoft’s Cubic Ninja.

Smealum hasn’t yet distributed his “Ironhax” exploit, but began encouraging 3DS users to download the title late last month. Following the announcement, developer VDev saids Ironfall: Invasion (which is free-to-start) was downloaded several hundred thousand times prior to its removal.

More recently, Smealum has turned his attention to another free app (YouTube) in the hopes of helping others release homebrew software on 3DS. So maybe download that while you still can.

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Kyle MacGregor Burleson