Nintendo confirms Chibi-Robo and Bravely Second localizations, and more

A short 17-minute presentation

Nintendo had a pretty informative Japanese Direct session last weekend, but today, it dropped a brand new “Micro” session on us, with lots of news coming out of it. Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash is confirmed for North America, as well as the amiibo, and a bundle (which is the only way of getting said amiibo) will be coming this October. Dr. Mario Miracle Cure, which arrived in Japan yesterday, is also confirmed. Although it will launch on June 11, you can pre-purchase it today.

Academy Home Studio is coming to Wii U, and will allow time-lapsed video uploading to YouTube. As yet another new game announcement, Little Battlers Experience is getting a game on 3DS. Bravely Second: End Layer is confirmed for a localization in 2016, where the plot will feature the abduction of Agnes from the first game.

Finally, ranked play in Splatoon will be available later today alongside of a new map, and Nintendo calls the response to the game “amazing.”

Chris Carter
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