Epic Games is partnering with indie studios Eyes Out and Spry Fox

Netflix acquires Cozy Grove studio Spry Fox

The team becomes Netflix’s sixth in-house studio

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Netflix has announced another games studio acquisition. Cozy Grove developer Spry Fox is joining Netflix.

In an announcement from the studio, Spry Fox says this acquisition will allow for a few things. Firstly, the team will be able to make games they’ve been making and wanted to make, with more support and resources.

It will also reduce stress on Spry Fox’s games to generate profit, according to the studio, and give the team access to other creatives at Netflix for collaboration.

“Real talk: we’ve been at this for almost 13 years,” said the Spry Fox team in today’s statement. “It’s been exhilarating, humbling, endlessly interesting and often challenging. We’ve always known that above all else, we wanted our games to bring people happiness. But in other ways, it feels like we only recently figured out what ‘we want to be when we grow up.’ What has become clear over the course of all of our adventures: We are a studio that builds original, world-class cozy games. Especially games that bring people together. And we are confident that Netflix is going to help us do that.”

Spry Fox is the developer behind the cozy game Cozy Grove, as well as titles like Alphabear and Road Not Taken. All of Spry Fox’s games will remain up for download and available in their current versions, on their currently available platforms.

As for future plans, the studio says it is working on Cozy Grove 2, as well as a non-violent MMO. No changes have happened in terms of their development plans.

A growing Netflix presence

With the news, Spry Fox becomes the sixth in-house games studio for Netflix.

The streaming giant has been gradually investing into the gaming space, picking up some studios in the process. Notably, it brought Oxenfree studio Night School under its banner last year. And it just recently announced another studio opening, too.

While reports have indicated mixed results in getting Neflix subscribers to check out games, these pick-ups are certainly interesting for the service. Netflix already had some solid games popping up in its service. Adding a few releases from solid studios could entice more to check the service out.

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