A small percentage of Netflix subscribers are trying its games, according to new report

Netflix Games Android launch

New analytics shows some are unaware that their phone does have games

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Netflix has been making more of a push into games, with several pretty notable games either arriving or already on the platform. A new report indicates that Netflix subscribers, however, may not be getting the message.

According to statistics from Apptopia via CNBC, games average 1.7 million daily users. It isn’t too shabby of a number up front. But compared to Netflix’s 221 million subscriber base, it’s less than 1%.

Apptopia’s data also claims Netflix’s games have been downloaded a total of 23.3 million times.

Netflix’s push into games kicked off last year, and the company has been steadily rolling out more titles on the service. This service does require a Netflix subscription, and has a few methods for download. Android owners can either use the Netflix app or turn on a permission in the Google Play Store, while iOS users can just use the Netflix app.

A quietly killer library

It’s an interesting tension, because Netflix’s library has been steadily getting pretty solid.

Turn-based tactical strategy game Into the Breach is on the service, with its recent Advanced Edition update. Camera-based narrative Before Your Eyes is now on the service too, as is Poinpy, the latest game from Downwell creator Ojiro Fumoto.

Other games, like Sam Barlow and Half Mermaid’s upcoming Immortality, are also headed to the Netflix games section. And with Night School Studio under the Netflix banner, you can imagine some more intriguing stories are on the way too.

The question, I suppose, is why adoption isn’t more widespread. While a few million is nothing to sneeze at, it also seems like Netflix’s gaming side isn’t immediately grabbing regular mobile users just yet. Maybe Netflix viewers are too entrenched in their habits. Or maybe some aren’t even fully aware of the Games side of their Netflix app.

Either way, Netflix still has more games on the way. And if game adaptations are more your thing, there’s more of that coming too.

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