More Dead Space: Extraction video to spook you

Dead Space: Extraction lands in the states this Tuesday and is already out in Europe. If you haven’t experienced the awesome that is having your very own light gun arcade in your house (some accessories required) I suggest you head out and pick up either House of the Dead: Overkill or Umbrella Chronicles (or just wait until Tuesday) because despite most people’s disdain fro the on-rails genre it’s really growing on the Wii. Case in point, Dead Space: Extraction itself, which is in depth enough to warrant a slew of videos on almost every aspect of the game.

The launch trailer is above followed by more in depth videos on the controls, the story and the “horror” of the game. It’s clear that EA actually put some time and development power into this as the game not only looks great, but seems to have people behind it who are really passionate. Plus, it’s an on-rails shooter. Don’t pretend like they weren’t your favorite game in the arcade.

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