Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate dropped $10 before launch for some reason

Still no release date, though

Videogames go on sale all the time, but it isn’t often that we see discounts before they even launch. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate‘s releasing sometime in early 2015, and it already dropped $10 in price.

According to a listing on Amazon, the 3DS title can be pre-ordered at 25 percent off — $29.99 instead of the standard $39.99. Better yet, U.S. pre-orders get a free Felyne pin.

The introductory price-slashing may have something to do with Capcom’s fiscal reliance on the franchise. Last May, the publisher said that it was hoping Monster Hunter would move 3.9 million units in 2015. Regardless of the reasoning, this is certainly welcome news for those that are anxiously awaiting their chance to cooperatively slay giant beasts.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate [Amazon via Tiny Cartridge]

Brett Makedonski
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