Kirby’s Epic Yarn is taking over My Nintendo

Remember, the 3DS version is coming soon

Kirby’s Epic Yarn might have come out nearly a decade ago (!) on the Wii, but it’s making a comeback on the 3DS very soon. Due for a worldwide release on March 8, the 3DS port is coming in hot and the Big N is using My Nintendo to promote it.

The rewards include a printable February 2019 calendar (50 Platinum Points), printable placements (30P), printable Epic Yarn gift boxes (30P), a 30% discount on Kirby’s Blowout Blast, and a Kirby: Right Back at Ya! 3DS video for 100 Platinum. Witnessing all of these cute gifts as “printable” options and not something physically mailed to your home just makes me grieve for Club Nintendo all over again.

You can check out the rewards here. If you can’t see the landing page you’ll have to log into MyNintendo first.

Celebrating Friendship and Love with Kirby [MyNintendo]

Chris Carter
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