It looks like we might get another Azure Striker Gunvolt

Bring it on

With its sequel fully released and certified in quality, Azure Striker Gunvolt has cemented itself as one of the marquee modern platforming franchises. It did everything Mighty No. 9 set out to do and more, and it kind of just did it under the radar…twice.

Speaking to director Yoshihisa Tsuda, Nintendo Everything found out that developer Inti Creates would very much like to keep this good thing going “with Gunvolt at the helm as the protagonist,” and that he has a “rough idea” for the premise of a third game. It’s all a “pretty long way away,” but it’s on their minds, which is important.

My guess is if Azure 2 sells well enough it’ll get a Steam port just like the first, so keep an eye on that if you aren’t big on the 3DS. The only thing I really want for a third game is a followup to Mighty Gunvolt

Inti Creates wants to make a third Azure Striker Gunvolt game [Nintendo Everything]

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