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How to use potions simultaneously in Hogwarts Legacy

Tricky wording but an easy solution

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Completing quests in Hogwarts Legacy not only moves the story forward but also allows players to learn new spells, find new gear, and explore the large open world. After completing the harrowing Jackdaw’s Rest quest, Professor Sharp will give you a new assignment that may have you scratching your head. He wants you to use two potions simultaneously, but there is no explanation on how to do that. Thankfully, the tricky part is the wording, not the action.

The Quest: Sharp’s Assignment

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Professor Sharp wants you to acquire a Focus Potion, Edurus Potion, and Maxima Potion.

Depending on how adventurous you’ve been up until this point, you may or may not already have the recipe for the Focus and Maxima Potions. Perhaps you already bought a few the last time you were in Hogsmeade? That’s great! You can skip the next few sections of this article. However, if you still need these items, keep reading.

Where to get the potions

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The Edurus Potion should already be in your inventory from the first quest that brought you to Potions Class. Since you have the recipe and can brew it, we can skip it. For the Maxima and Focus Potions, feel free to make your way back to J. Pippin’s Potions store in Hogsmeade. There you can either buy the ready-made potions you need, or you can invest in your future and buy the recipes.

How to drink both potions

The tricky wording of this assignment is likely why you’re here. When I first read it, I assumed the assignment was to drink two potions at at the same time. Thankfully, the assignment is to use two potions at once! The same way you equipped the dangerous cabbages in Herbology Class, equip your potion.

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If you’re using a controller, holding LB opens your Tools. Using the right stick to pick your item, you can then let go of the LB button. Your selection will be visible at the bottom of the screen next to the mini-map. To drink the potion, just press LB. To use your second potion, immediately repeat these steps for a second potion. Then you will be using two potions at once!

Once you have done this, the next step will be to attend Potions Class during the day. After class, Professor Sharp will teach you Depulso. Now you can move on to some of your other pressing questions, like how do you grow plants in large pots?

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