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Open World Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwarts Legacy is easily the biggest Wizarding World game to date with every Hogwarts common room, classroom, and grounds area to explore. You can even go into the Restricted Section of the library and the Forbidden Forest.

However, Hogwarts Legacy is more than just the school. There’s an entire world that encompasses the castle. The Scottish highlands look beautiful in the game as you can venture through deep forests, take on goblin bases, and explore little hamlets surrounding the area, all with their own issues for you to resolve.

Just how big is the Hogwarts Legacy world map?

Hogwarts Legacy World Map
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While seemingly not as large as the likes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Hogwarts Legacy still features a massive open world to explore. From the most southern point at the Clagmar Coast to the northern village of Pitt-upon-Ford, the in-game marker states that there are 6,425 paces between these areas. Flying on a broomstick, it will take you around 7-10 minutes to get from one point to the next.

What complicates getting to the most southern point of the map, however, is a blockage in the middle. There is a goblin stronghold set up at the Poidsear Coast that you’ll need to work your way through to access the southern area of the Hogwarts Legacy world map. You can get past your enemies fairly easily though if you cast the Disillusionment spell or use an Invisibility Potion. Simply walk up to your enemies from behind and cast Petrificus Totalus on them. It even worked on one of the boss goblins.

Is there variety in the Hogwarts Legacy world map?

There are many things you’ll discover in the Hogwarts Legacy world map. With almost every hamlet you’ll visit, there is a quest to follow, some with an engaging story attached to them. There is even a battle arena that will have you going against waves upon waves of enemies for rewards and experience. That’s located on the southside of Feldcroft Region.

There are a lot of collectibles to find around Hogwarts Legacy. For example, the Merlin Trials are interspaced throughout this magical setting with puzzles to solve. Finishing these trials will gain you additional storage for gear, which is super helpful. In addition, there is loot that can be found within abandoned castles, enemy encampments, and caves. You’ll be scouring the open world of Hogwarts Legacy for many hours. There is a lot of extra-curricular content in Hogwarts Legacy available for those who seek it, extending the game’s completion time.

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