How to grow plants in large pots: Hogwarts Legacy planting guide

Once you unlock the Room of Requirement, you’re good to go (after you spend some money)

Many of¬†Hogwarts Legacy‘s side activities are tied to (or otherwise made easier with) the Room of Requirement, including beast management, potion making, and planting. Here’s how to get the latter activity online, and plant seeds in a large pot while you’re at it.

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Step 1: Buy a large pot spellcraft at Tomes & Scrolls in Hogsmeade

To craft a large pot, you’ll need to buy the “spellcraft” for it at the Tomes & Scrolls shop. Spellcraft items essentially function as a blueprint, and unlock the ability to create large pots in your Room of Requirement. We have a full guide on Tomes & Scrolls here, including where to find it, and the shop’s entire stock.

There are two options when creating large pots:

  • A potting table with one large pot for 1000 Gold/Galleons
  • A potting table with two large pots for 3000 Gold/Galleons

Early game, you should buy the 1000 Gold pot to start pumping out plants of that tier. Late-game, after you’ve picked up a good sum of cash, you could buy the two large pot table. Anything can be planted in a large pot, even if the plant size is small or medium. This makes it a really versatile option for early game planting and harvesting.

Dogwoeed and Deathcap Item Stock
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Step 2: Buy a seed that supports large pots (or any type of seed, if you wish)

To plant something in a large pot, you’ll need to a seed. As we mentioned earlier, large pots will hold any plant type: but it behooves you to focus on its strengths and harvest large plants out of large pots.

Here are your options for plants that require large pots at The Magic Neep:

  • Fluxweed seeds

Here are your options for plants that require large pots at Dogweed & Deathcap:

  • Venomous Tentacula seeds

Step 3: Create the table in the Room of Requirement, plant the seed, and harvest it

With all of the items you need in tow, head back to the Room of Requirement.

Use the Conjure spell to open up the Room of Requirement creation menu. Pick the large pot spellcraft of choice from the planting menu, and place it in your room (anywhere will do for now). Simply interact with it and plant the seed you want, then wait to harvest it. You can add fertilizer to increase your yield for that particular pot, too.

Repeat the process indefinitely: the only reason to change up what’s in a particular pot is if you want to swap your harvesting options around (plus, you can only plant seven potting spellcrafts at once, so you may need to Tetris [move] some stuff around). We recommend putting your garden in the side room of The Room of Requirement that unlocks later during the story (it’s the room on the left as soon as you enter the main doorway).

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