How to unlock the Unchained Fury weapon blueprint in MW2

Unchained Fury MW2 Iso Hemlock weapon blueprint

You have until the end of Season 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is nearing the end of Season 2, and with it, the conclusion of the current battle pass. One of the best cosmetic items for players to unlock this season will also disappear at that time, so here’s how to unlock the Unchained Fury weapon blueprint before time runs out.

How to unlock the MW2 Unchained Fury weapon blueprint

The MW2 Unchained Fury weapon blueprint is one of the best-looking blueprints for a weapon in Season 2. To get it, players need to grind a whole lot of battle pass tokens. As one of the final rewards for the Season 2 battle pass, players have to unlock every other previous tier and location in the battle pass before they’ll get the Unchained Fury blueprint.

In total, there are 100 battle pass tokens you’ll need to unlock before the season is up to get this item. As you may already know, the battle pass is divided into 20 different sectors for you to scour through for items. Each of the 20 sectors have five items to unlock. You can get the first four items in any order you want, followed by a fifth item that requires all the previous rewards in that sector. Unchained Fury is the ultimate reward, as it requires players to progress through all 20 sectors in the Season 2 battle pass and unlock all five rewards in each one.

Once you do that, you’ll finally unlock the Unchained Fury weapon blueprint. Of course, this requires you to own the premium version of the Season 2 battle pass. If you haven’t bought the premium pass for 1100 Call of Duty Points, you’ll need to do that first.

Unchained Fury ISO Hemlock blueprint, explained

Unchained Fury MW2 Iso Hemlock weapon blueprint
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The Unchained Fury weapon blueprint is a special cosmetic version of the ISO Hemlock assault rifle. This AR was introduced in Season 2, and Unchained Fury gives it a stylish black and gold finish with a sleek dragon gliding across the weapon. It also comes with some solid attachments as part of a special loadout that tunes the gun specifically for better damage range and magazine size.

The ISO Hemlock is already one of the best ARs in the game — hence its exclusion from Ranked Play — so the Unchained Fury variant only makes it better. Once you unlock the blueprint, you can equip and use it for both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0.

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