How to increase Ancient Magic meter quickly in Hogwarts Legacy

Ancient Magic Meter Quickly in Hogwarts Legacy

Unleash the Ancient Magic

To increase the Ancient Magic meter quickly in Hogwarts Legacy, you must be a dedicated witch or wizard. You will need the utmost attention to your spell combos and succeed in combat to get that all-powerful magical attack.

The Ancient Magic meter can also be improved by using a certain Gear Trait as well. Here is an explanation of how to increase your ancient Magic meter rapidly in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Increasing Ancient Magic meter quickly in Hogwarts Legacy

How to fill Ancient Magic Meter quickly in Hogwarts Legacy
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There are two main ways to improve your ancient magic meter quickly in Hogwarts Legacy. First, you’ll have to learn the combat inside and out.

At the beginning of the game, you are introduced to a wizard duel and the Hogwarts student organizing it Lucan Brattleby. Lucan will teach you some basic combos that will help you utilize both Levioso and Accio in the same string. Once you combine spells into a combo, that will increase your ancient magic meter quickly in Hogwarts Legacy. You’ll want to keep the combo rolling as well as that will stack your Ancient Magic meter; basically, avoid getting hit and keep unleashing spells at your foes.

Something else you should know is that you can gain more on the Ancient Magic meter by collecting blue shards on the ground. They’re dropped after defeating enemies like the goblins and dark wizards. Specific talents can be taken to increase your Ancient Magic gains as well: so if you find yourself using a certain move often, you can buff it from then on.

A Gear Trait can help you as well

Ancient Magic Focus III trait Hogwarts Legacy
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At one point in the game, you’ll have the ability to unlock the Enchanted Loom. Bought at the Tomes & Scrolls shop and used at the Room of Requirement, this loom can upgrade your gear. You can do this through traits you pick up throughout the open world and Hogwarts itself. Head into the Enchanted Loom menu and select the gear you want to upgrade by pressing the triangle button (Y on Xbox).

The Ancient Magic Focus III trait is the one you want to look out for. This, when equipped with your gear, can significantly increase the fill rate of your Ancient Magic Meter. You’ll need one slither of Kneazle Fur to craft it. In addition, you need to find the Ancient Magic Focus III trait by going to bandit camps and taking their treasure. Sorry, it does seem to be randomized, so there’s no specific place to find it. Once you find the Ancient Magic Focus III trait, on the other hand, your witch or wizard will become even more powerful.

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