How to give creatures nicknames in Hogwarts Legacy

Give Creatures Nicknames Hogwarts Legacy

Try the name “Owen Wilson”

There is a surprising amount of customization in the Wizarding World game that is Hogwarts Legacy, and one such example is the ability to give creatures nicknames. While the beasts are walking around your Vivarium, they can have names attached to them.

You can name a Hippogriff Owen Wilson randomly or a Diricawl Elton John because of its colorful fur. It’s certainly up to you. Here’s exactly how to give creatures nicknames in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Giving creatures nicknames in Hogwarts Legacy

Give Creatures Nicknames in Hogwarts Legacy
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The process of giving creatures nicknames in Hogwarts Legacy is fairly simple, but it’s bizarrely hidden within the game’s tiny UI. First, you’ll want to release your creature into the wilds of the Vivarium. Press the right shoulder button to open up the Beast Inventory menu and summon them into the area.

Once they’re walking around the open field, go interact with the beast you just summoned. It will tell you if the creature has been fed or has been looked after with a brush. What we want to focus on is the bottom, however. It will say you can give creatures nicknames in Hogwarts Legacy by selecting “Rename.” This is done on a controller with the right analog stick. Be careful while on this menu as you can also release the creature. We don’t want that.

A new “Rename” menu should pop up. A blank box should show up. Type with the on-screen keyboard your chosen nickname for the creature. For example, you can call a Giant Purple Toad Gex because its a reptile. After that is done, the nickname should appear above the creature’s head instead of its species name. It makes your connection with the creatures stronger; unfortunately, this doesn’t matter in any way gameplay-wise.

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