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How to catch Diricawl & get Diricawl Feathers in Hogwarts Legacy

They can’t fly but they’re still difficult to catch

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The Diricawl of Hogwarts Legacy are pesky to catch as they disapparate around you, but if you catch one, they will give you Diricawl Feathers that will help you upgrade your gear.

This resource given by the Diricawl can give your gear a trait that can help you in battle. For example, the Amphibial Protection II trait will greatly decrease damage from Dugbogs, but you’ll need one Diricawl Feather in Hogwarts Legacy to equip it. Here’s how to find and catch Diricawl in the Wizarding World.

Where to find Diricawl

Diricawl Feathers in Hogwarts Legacy Location
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Diricawl can be found in multiple dens around the open world of Hogwarts Legacy. The closest one is northwest of Keenbridge and southeast of the West Hogwarts Valley Floo Powder fast travel location shown above.

The bird-like creatures gather around some nearby ruins perched on a hill. Once you come across them, they’ll begin to run away, disapparating for a short spurt before reappearing again. Before they get to do that, however, make sure to cast Levioso to stop them in their tracks. You may want to use an Invisibility Potion as well; you can buy them from J. Pippin’s at Hogsmeade if you don’t want to craft one yourself.

Once you have one of the Diricawl in the air with Levioso, get your Nab-Sack out. It will begin to suck in the creature. This is a little tougher than other creatures like the Puffskein because you’ll need to press a button four times rather than the usual three.

How to get Diricawl Feathers in Hogwarts Legacy

Diricawl Hogwarts Legacy
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Once you’ve caught the Diricawl, return to the Room of Requirement’s Vivarium. Once in this dream-like outdoor environment, release the Diricawl into the wild. When it’s accustomed to life in the Vivarium, approach it. You’ll want to feed it and then stroke the animal with the brush like the Giant Purple Toad. After that, it will drop some Diricawl Feathers for you. Pick them up and then head back to the Room of Requirement. If you want more Diricawl Feathers, you’ll have to wait another 25 minutes of in-game time.

If you run out of patience, you can purchase Diricawl Feathers from the Brood & Peck in Hogsmeade. They will sell you the resource for 250 Gold each though, so it’s not exactly cheap.

Set up an Enchanted Loom in the Room of Requirement and then interact with it with the square button (X on Xbox). Next, choose the gear you want to upgrade and press the triangle button (Y on Xbox). From here, you can choose the trait you want your gear to have. Hold the cross button (A button) to confirm your choice once you’re happy with your decision.

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