How to release beasts from the Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy

Release beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

Say goodbye to your animal friends

Hogwarts Legacy allows you to create the mythical zoo of your dreams, but what if you want to release beasts from the Vivarium? It’s a slightly tedious process, but it could be in place that way to make sure you’re making the right decision.

Whether it’s a cute mischievous Niffler or a bullish Giant Purple Toad, here’s how to release beasts from Vivarium, so they can enjoy the big outdoors.

Step-by-step instructions on how to release beasts from the Vivarium

Release beasts Hogwarts Legacy
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To release beasts from the Vivarium, you’ll have to be in the vicinity itself. Go to the Room of Requirement and enter the area. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll want to go to the “Beast Inventory” menu. On controller, you can do this by pressing the right shoulder button (R1 or RB). Find the creature that you want to release into the wild and summon it into the Vivarium. If it’s already in the area, ignore this step.

Now, once the animal is out of the Nab-Sack, walk up to the creature you want to release and interact with it by pressing square (or X on Xbox). You’ll see a summary screen that explains more about the creature’s well-being (like if it’s been fed or stroked with a brush) and a section about Beast Care. While this screen is live, press the left analog stick to return the animal to the wild. It will give you a warning that you’ll be saying goodbye to this creature for good. Press the cross button (A on Xbox) to confirm your decision. Now that this animal is gone from your life, you can replace it with any other beast you can find in the wild.

How to get more space in the Vivarium

There are only 20 spaces available in the Beast Inventory, but as you unlock biomes throughout your playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy, there will be more space to place your animals in. Completing the following missions will gain you new biomes like the beach and swamp (which would be perfect for the Giant Purple Toad).

  • Finish The High Keep and Plight of the House Elf quests to unlock the beach/coastal biome.
  • Complete Foal of the Dead (after finishing Charles Rookwood’s Trial mission) to unlock swamp biome.
  • Finish Phoenix Rising (after finishing Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial) to unlock the mountain biome.

After receiving all of the biomes, you’ll be able to place all 12 species like unicorns and hippogriffs in Hogwarts Legacy into your Vivarium.

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