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How to get the Onyx Hippogriff beast mount in Hogwarts Legacy

It’s a pre-order bonus

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Hogwarts Legacy has a few confusing pre-order bonuses, mostly amplified by the existence of both digital deluxe and collector’s editions of the game. The Onyx Hippogriff is one of several items that falls under that umbrella: as it’s only accessible through pre-ordering the game.

You’ll unlock the Caligo Onyx Hippogriff when logging in, but you can’t use it until a certain point in the story

Much like the inability to upgrade into the true deluxe/collector’s editions of the game, you cannot upgrade into a pre-order bonus: which includes the Onyx Hippogriff beast mount. There is currently no way to “create a pre-order version” DLC option for Hogwarts Legacy, though that could change eventually, especially as we get further and further away from launch day.

Sometimes, publishers create free DLC packs that could include prior content, or offer them as part of a content update. If that changes, we’ll update this page accordingly.

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How to unlock flying with the Onyx Hippogriff in Hogwarts Legacy

You’ll need to progress with the main story quest The High Keep. After completing it, you’ll earn the ability to ride flying mounts: like any type of Hippogriff, and the Thestral.

If you have the Onyx Hippogriff unlocked, you can change it in your flying mount screen. We have a full guide on how to do that here, in addition to a rundown on how to unlock flight.

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