How to get the Sky Scythe broom in Hogwarts Legacy

You’ll need to buy it for 5000 Galleons

Hogwarts Legacy has a ton of collectibles, all of which are required to finish out the “collections” section of the game (viewable in the main menu when pausing), and thusly: the platinum/full achievement score. 13 brooms are part of that checklist, including the Sky Scythe Broom. Here’s how to get it, provided that you have the funds.

The Sky Scythe broom is sold by a vendor (Leopold Babcocke) south of Hogsmeade

In the northeast portion of the South Hogwarts Region (yeah, there’s a lot of directional-based navigation terms in this game), you’ll find Leopold Babcocke. They’re one of the few wandering overworld vendors in the game, and among a few odds and ends like ingredients and combat tools, they’ll sell you the Sky Scythe Broom.

There’s nothing particularly unique about this broom: it’s just a new cosmetic option for you to use, as you’re still linked to the current status of your broom upgrades. If you’re low on cash, try selling unwanted gear or selling off beasts. It’s important to remember that you don’t need this broom, and that 5000 Galleons is a lot of cash. Come back later and buy it if you’re really going to go for the collection completion trophy/achievement.

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