How to sell your extra gear for money in Hogwarts Legacy

You will want to sell stuff, too

Early on in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll run into a gold problem: especially if you’re hoarding gear. The thing is, Hogwarts Legacy is very stingy with inventory space, so you’ll want to sell off as much as you can. Here’s how to do that, and other options you may have.

Sell your excess Hogwarts Legacy gear through in-game vendors, mostly at Hogsmeade

Get in the habit of selling off unwanted or otherwise surpassed/irrelevant gear as early as the opening hours of the game. While you can acquire more inventory space through Merlin Trials, you aren’t going to have access to them straight away, and gear space can be a premium.

Go to Hogsmeade, walk into any store with a unique icon, and talk to the NPC. Press R1 (RB on Xbox) to change the tab from “buy” to “sell,” then offload all the gear you can that’s a strict downgrade from your current gear. You’ll be able to tell because of the statline notification, which indicates red for lower than your current equipment, and green for gear that’s an upgrade. If something is green, check it first and potentially equip it before selling it.

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You can also destroy gear in Hogwarts Legacy in a pinch

So you’ve just raided a dungeon and you’re sitting there at the chest at the very end. You open said chest, and you get the notification that your inventory is full. Odds are you aren’t going to want to bother with going back to an NPC to sell gear to make room. This is a prime opportunity to destroy a piece of low-end gear to maker room.

To do that, just open your gear tab, highlight a piece of gear, and press in the left stick to destroy it. If you’re just trying to make room, look at the sale price (sell value) of each item (which is shown on this menu) and toss something of low value.

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