Can you upgrade to the deluxe edition of Hogwarts Legacy?

No, but you can buy the Dark Arts pack

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Another AAA game, another confusing deluxe/collector’s/DLC rollout! Thankfully Hogwarts Legacy isn’t nearly as convoluted as say, the Watch Dogs series was, but there are some nuances to navigate. Here’s the rundown on the deluxe/collector’s editions of the game, and what you can/can’t upgrade to.

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You cannot upgrade to the deluxe/collector’s edition of Hogwarts Legacy

Unlike some other AAA titles at launch, there is no “digital upgrade” to purchase for Hogwarts Legacy. The version you buy is the version you get.

Here are the core bonuses for the Deluxe Edition:

  • The Dark Arts Pack (contents listed below)
  • Three day early access

One of the big perks of the deluxe edition is that three day early access period, where you can play the game before the official February 10, 2023 launch. If you’re getting it beyond that point, you don’t need to worry as much about missing out.

However, if you bought the original version but actually want the deluxe edition, you could cancel your order and buy the next edition up instead. Here’s a quick link to the refund policies for the Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox storefronts:

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You can opt to buy the Dark Arts pack separately for $19.99

If you change your mind at a later date or can’t get a refund, you can buy the Dark Arts DLC pack for 20 bucks. The pack comes with:

We have a full breakdown of the Dark Arts battle arena here, so you can judge whether it’s worth your cash.

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