How to complete the skate park challenge in High on Life

How to complete the skate park challenge in High on Life

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It’s another High on Life quirky activity! Whether you’re here for the See All the Sights achievement or not, here’s how to “skate” in the game and clear the challenge attached to it.

Step one: Get the skate park warp disc

Pick up the warp disc from Blorto, who is located in a hut in Blim City. Warp discs can be purchased after the first bounty (9-Torg).

The skate park warp disc costs eight warp crystals. We have a full guide on how to farm warp crystals here.

Step two: Deploy the skate park warp disc to spawn the skate park

Head to Zephyr Paradise (Upper Valley). Look up to see the blue warp portal effect on top of a mountain. Walk up there and interact with the portal to deploy the skate park warp disc.

We have a full guide on the best spot to deploy warp discs here.

Step three: Finish the skate park challenge

After the skate park appears in front of you, talk to the NPCs while you’re in the bowl to kick the challenge off.

There are two things you need to do to ensure that you get a top score:

  • Tethering constantly (even between the two same points) will increase your multiplier
  • Randomly spamming your jetpack jump or dash will net you points

Make sure you never touch the ground and keep spamming your jetpack, keeping up the same combo throughout the challenge. When there’s 10 seconds left, touch the ground to ensure your points are counted before the timer runs out.

After the challenge, you’ll get a Luglox Chest for your efforts, and you’ll have cleared the skate park portion of the “Seeing all the Sights” achievement.

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