How to beat Arven in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Arven has a fixed team

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Although you’ll battle Arven very early on in the game’s lengthy tutorialPokemon Scarlet & Violet will ask you to square off against Arven once again to complete the “Path of Legends” storyline. This second bout is going to be much harder, so we’ve prepared a few pointers to help you get through it.

Here are all of Arven’s Pokemon, so you can plan ahead

Arven’s Pokemon range from level 58 to 63. Depending on your team, you may want to have a squad around that level, but you can make due with less.

Here are all of Arven’s Pokemon:

  • Greedent (Level 58 – Normal)
  • Scovillain (Level 60 – Grass/Fire)
  • Garganacl (Level 62 – Rock)
  • Toedscruel (Level 61 – Ground/Grass)
  • Cloyster (Level 59 – Water/Ice)
  • Mabosstiff (Level 63 – Dark, Dark Tera)

Here’s how to easily beat Arven and finish Path of Legends

As you may have noticed, Arven has a fairly well-rounded team, but there are a few holes in it.

His strongest Pokemon are rock, ground/grass, and dark based. Respectively, fighting/steel/grass/ground/water, grass/ice/water, and bug/fairy/fighting will do wonders against each of those types. You may have noticed that grass, fighting, and water are popping up often here, which will benefit folks who started with grass and water types.

Annihilape (who has ample access to fighting moves) is also a great pick, and works well against many main story bouts, not just Arven. Lokix (bug/dark) is also a fantastic “campaign Pokemon,” as it also has access to fighting moves, and can hard counter several of Arven’s Pokemon.

Another thing to keep in mind is an ace in the hole for Mabosstiff, beyond the aforementioned Anhiliape and Lokix combo. Tinkaton is a very popular Pokemon for a reason: it’s strong, and the fairy type will serve you well when battling Arven. Clicking on any of the above links will bring you to guides to help you locate them.

Once Arven is defeated, the Path of Legends storyline is complete; and you can either close out the other two, or go straight into Area Zero if this is your last one.

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