Where to find & catch Tinkatink in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Where to find & catch TinkaTink in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet 1

Look to the ruins

Searching for Pokemon organically is one of my favorite pastimes in the series, and it’s even easier in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet thanks to the open world nature of the game: and the handy “habitat” feature in the Pokedex. Tinkatink is one of those creatures that’s fun to come across naturally, but if you need some help, look no further.

Where to find Tinkatink

If you want to look for Tinkatink on your own, they spawn at all of the locations above in the gallery. The hint “lives among ruins” is a big clue, they they aren’t as rare as the entry suggests.

However! One of the easiest spots to find TinkaTink spawns is south of the Asado desert, directly to the west of the Team Star base. You’ll find a spawn point amid a small batch of ruins. They don’t fly, nor are they hidden anywhere: they just walk on the ground, carrying their little (which will eventually turn giant) hammer around.

How to evolve Tinkatink into Tinkatuff and Tinkaton

Thank goodness, this evolutionary line is simple: TinkaTink evolves into Tinkatuff at level 24, then Tinkaton at level 38. There’s no stones, time period considerations, or anything like that, just raw leveling.

If you need help grinding out XP, you can find a full Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guide here.

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