Where to find and catch Nymble in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Where to find and catch Nymble in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 1

One of the earliest bug Pokemon you can catch

Although some of the new Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are technically common: they’re also new Pokemon.

You’re probably going to want to err on the side of using brand new characters and trying them out as soon as possible, so here’s where to find Nymble.

Where to find and catch Nymble in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 3

You’ll find Nymble in these locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Although Nymble is located in both the east and west points of the Paldea region, you’ll have better luck grabbing one in the western portion of the zone. We caught ours right here.

If you’re fighting the dark Pokemon in the first Team Star battle, bug Pokemon, Nymble included, will come in handy. Bug is kind of an odd type, but can be useful when rounding out your party, especially since the starters are still sticking to fire, grass, and water.

In terms of evolutions, Nymble turns into Lokix at level 24. You can also find Lokix in the western Asado desert as a fully grown evolution, which you can just catch on your own: and save yourself the trouble of manually leveling up your own Nymble. Or, you can raise your own! Either way, you have some options.

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