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Hitman series taking a break as IO focuses on Project 007

Take a day off, 47

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IO Interactive has suggested that Hitman fans will have plenty of time to dive into the recent games’ consolidation, as Agent 47 will be taking a break from his globe-trotting adventures for some time.

Speaking in an interview with Eurogamer, IO Interactive co-owner Christian Elverdam says that a new “major, major” Hitman game is “a little bit on hiatus”, which is pretty understandable given the steady stream of excellent content that the team has been rolling out since the series reboot back in 2016. Recently, the 2016 release, simply titled Hitman, was consolidated with its 2018 and 2021 sequels, forming one package of missions, commonly known as Hitman: World of Assassination.

This bumper pack of murder and mayhem features all of the base games and their respective DLC, purchasable as individual parts or as one massive bundle. And given the franchise’s open-ended gameplay, as well as its litany of in-mission challenges, achievements, and alternate contracts, World of Assassination adds up to potentially hundreds of hours of stealth action — More than enough to tide you over until our boy picks up the Silverballers once again.

So, what is IO Interactive up to? Well, it seems the team is getting to work on its previously teased James Bond game, which currently goes under the title of Project 007. Announced back in the fall of 2020, we are yet to hear or see any updates on this exciting new endeavor. Insiders have previously suggested that we won’t be seeing Jimmy or his Walther until at least late-2025, but I can’t think of a team better suited to delivering the shadowy, espionage action of the 007 franchise. Excited to hear some news.

Oh, and for Hitman fans, don’t you worry. Elverdam notes that our favorite Suspicious Bald Person remains “very much in the heart of this company”. So I guess he’s just taking a well-earned break.

Check out the full interview right now over at Eurogamer.

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