Highlights from the Destructoid Community 09/14/08

This week’s gaming setup belongs to Zero Iscariot. He easily has the best shelf ever made. Just look at it! It’s so pretty. He also has a nice collection of A Nightmare Before Christmas figures. Check out Zero Iscariot’s C Blog for more pictures.  

More PAX love blogs, some Dtoiders make a movie about Jim Sterling, a UK NARP is set to happen around Halloween, Y0j1mb0 is trying to setup a North Carolina NARP, Gibbo makes an awesome Mr. Destructoid face in Halo 3, and plenty more happened this past week on the C Blogs. 

Before we get to the regular Highlights, here’s some more PAX love.

First up is ScottyG as he gives some love to the people he got close to while at PAX. Also, Vegemite is shit.

Cutie Honey made a couple of blogs this past week containing some random pictures taken at PAX. He took a lot of photos while at PAX so expect a fair amount of picture blogs by Cutie. Here’s the first one where it’s a lot of awkward shots of random people. Then check out photos of people in baskets

Husky Hog made a giant thank you list to almost all of the people he meet while at PAX. He gives epic speeches, will get in cars with complete strangers and likes long walks on the beach.  

FooLiz made a couple of blogs thanking the people she meet on her U.S. trip and the Dtoid staff

EarthbounderNess included a quick shout out for the PAX people in his contest post he has going on right now. Shame we never got a chance to play with your custom Soulcalibur IV fighters!

Wexx couldn’t make it out to PAX but the videos of our Dtoid panel had a huge affect on Wexx. What does Destructoid mean to you?

The spirits of Jim Sterling, a film by Butmac. The CBM crew and a black dude made a video showing the different sides of Jim Sterling. Watch as the spirits of Jim ask Dtoider -D- some questions about PAX, Dynasty Warriors and Cornbread. 

As you may remember from last week, mistic hosted the biggest EuroNARP yet. We saw a bunch of pictures of the NARP last week and this time, mistic went into detail on all the days of the NARP. It’s a great post filled with everything that happened that weekend including how one of the Dtoiders got arrested! 

Here’s the latest on welkstar’s RetroForceGO! cabinet. It’s looking absolutely amazing. 

Colette Bennett thinks she has too many Chocobos. Personally, I disagree. One can never have too many Chocobos! 

A big happy birthday shout out to BlindsideDork. As Colette said, you’re a big part of the tip team. Also, Blindside can eat five whole fucking steaks and STILL BE HUNGRY! HE’S A BEAST! As I’ve said in the past, the best type of gifts are drawings. Rockvillian made that sweet Samus cake image right above for Blindside. 

KodyKoala does it again! He made an awesome looking Mega Man Mighty Mugg that got featured on Tomopop.

bunnyrabbit2 is hosting a UK NARP around Halloween in England. PM bunnyrabbit2 and let him know if you’re interested in attending. 

Give blood, win a game! Members of DtoidLosAngeles will be hitting up the blood drive to give blood and possible win a Dracula game. Also, free STD check! SWEET! This, by the way, is the same weekend as E For All. 

Lost Crichton thanks Dtoid for the 2K contest he won and … OMG MY EYES! 

DJDuffy has gotten really upset with her Xbox 360. So, she decided to FALCON PUNCH the system. You go, gurl.  

Happy birthday to Scrixx, the biggest Half-Life 2 fanboy on Dtoid.

Rifter01 has made a Longcat game. Go check it out.  

Happy birthday to ItemForty. He makes sweet Dtoid themed avatars and is an all around awesome guy.  

Thanks to Y0j1mb0, the birth of Dtoid North Carolina is about to happen. Y0j1mb0 has made a blog asking for anyone near the North Carolina area if they’d be able to make it out to a North Carolina NARP. Send yojimbo a message if you can make it out!  

ParaParaKing is in Japan right now and made a short blog detailing some of the stuff he’s seen while in Japan. Lucky.  

Gibbo made another Mr. Destructoid face in Halo 3, this time with just the weapons. This was no doubt a very long process and it turned out great. Awesome job, Gibbo! 

Highlights end this week with some hilarious bloopers from Butmac’s “The Spirits of Jim Sterling” video.  

Hamza Aziz