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Quickblog: Loooongcat the MiniGame?

WTH?! Yes, yes.. And you can has for FREE. Right now.


We were hoping to have this done a few days ago, but I had to include some shoutouts and make sure it wasn't broke. IT ISN'T A BROKE GAME! I dare for anyone to play it and say otherwise.. LOL.

This game is inspired by some classics of old.. My g/f came up with the idea for a game she wanted to try and make and play. She got it started, and I had to come along and finish.

It is a minigame that wants to be a full game. But it will have to settle staying mini for now, coz otherwise looooong game can get loooooonger if we didn't stop somewhere.

Have some screenshots..

Thank you all for your support, everyone here at Destructoid is awesome as always, you make the pain of making games worth it. I have alot more to say...Too many boring details...So I'll let the game speak for itself, drop me a line or donate if you feel it was worthy of it. We already have a major game already in the works. It will be BIG. I mean REALLY BIG. I'm not at liberty to say a frickin' word about it since it was not designed by us whatsoever. But, until we can discuss, we hope to be able to bring you more stuff to play, (maybe an 3-D'ish RPG).. So until then, unless anyone has questions or concerns, I'm going to take a little break now. I'm hoping everyone will have a chance to see and play the next big thing coming very soon, (next month or so...).

Ok, fingers not working, back & neck sore.. Eyes blurry.. Let us have your comments and feedback here.. Why not post your high score and/or level you made it to. Enjoy!!
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