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The most epic 4 days of my life (EuroNARP full-recap)

Ok, it has been about a week now since the euroNARP ended, and it looks like finally I've got some time to do the full recap of all the awesomeness that happened over the weekend :) I haven't had much time this week as this week was my first week in my new job :)

Even though the euroNARP officially only started on friday the 29th of August, my story will start a day earlier, the final day of the buildup... 5am, my alarm sounds, I'm sleeping over a my gf's place, about a 100 km away from the NARPlocation, I'm getting up this early since I still have to go pick up Po0ky and all his stuff. Po0ky is our resident webmaster, the second in command of the euronarp and the guy that generally helps me with all my crazy schemes ( like going to india for 4 months on a 'school-assignment' :) ).

Anyways, i get to his place around 7 am, we start loading the car in high tempo cause we still have a mountain of work to do, after about an hour we're on the way and in a traffic jam, we're planning some of our shopping runs, when Po0ky suddenly remembers that he forgot his wallet at his place... nothing to worry about, no-use will be able to pick it up on fridaynight before he comes back the euroNARP we think...

The rest of the trip goes fine and by the time no-use arrives at noon, the main-room and bar-area are kind of
finished... We finish the racing area and the nintendo area. The narp is basicly ready to go by the time the evening comes round and viersee joins us. We've got a main area where we set up a HDTV with a 360, ps3, wii and dreamcast hooked up to it, a regular TV with a psx and pstwo and and old-old-old tv with a master system, mega drive and saturn hooked up to it. In the bar area we set up an xbox with a regular TV, the racing area had a regular TV with an xbox and a 360 hooked up to it, with another TV later on that was brought by 3rotic N3rd, that had a 360, dreamcast and a gamecube connected to it. And finally there was the nintendo area, which had 2 TV's with every console nintendo ever made hooked up to it ( except for a virtual boy :p ).

We 'tested' out all our stuff for the whole night, only going to bed around 4 am, at 10 am we had to get out of bed though, only 2 more hours to go for the NARP, and we still had loads of stuff to do :-) Anyway, by the time the NARP officially started we were still hard at work, but we had an official Opening ceremony for it :-)

However, for us it wasn't the end yet when 3rot1c N3rd and Fana7ic left as the last guests around 17h, we still had some cleaning up to do, so even with the minimal amount of sleep we'd had, we still worked untill 21h before going to bed...

Once again, I want to thank from the bottom of my heart, Po0ky, no-use and viersee for all the hard work they've put forth to help make this NARP into the most fucking awesome 4 days I've ever had, and everybody that joined us and helped make this weekend into the craziest gaming weekend ever :)

So the end result of all this? Well I've loved this weekend so much that I really can't wait till next year to do it
again, so I'll be having miniature-narps throughout the year, for 10 people only ( so that we only need the main-area and bar-area which will be kept as they are ) but the catch is that nothing newer then last generation ( xbox, ps2, NGC ) is allowed in there anymore till next year, so the mini-narps will be filled with the absolute joy of retro-gaming-goodness... Hindsight is a wonderfull thing, and by playing retro-games, you know they're worth your time :-)

The first edition of these will be at the end of November, so keep an eye on my blog for more info ;-)

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for information on next years Edition, which will be more epic, though I sure hope no-one will go to jail this time :-)

PS: I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes I might have made, but I'm tired as hell :-)
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