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Next UK NARP: Halloween NARP Edition

I am planning to have another NARP soon and will have it during the school half term, which means Halloween Friday (31st October weekend). This time, it will be in Wolverhampton again, but at my new house instead. There will be much drinking, much Rock Band, much dry humping of faces and much pizza as well as more people because it will also be the Halloween party for my friends from uni.

If people can't make Halloween which I do sort of foresee, I can possibly move it to another week near Halloween I guess. If you want to go then I shall be starting up a NARP emailer. Just email me at bunnyrabbit22 at gmail dot com.

I hope that Traitorous Whoredrox will be there as always and that others can make it too (I am looking at the southerners who can't organise a NARP to save their life).

Also, there will be some homebrewed Meade for those who would like to try it.
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