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The Retroforce Game Museum: Painted and Playable!


I got a lot of work done on The Retroforce over the long Labor Day weekend. But unfortunately, things have come to a temporary halt as I spent all last week moving. The cab has survived the move with only a minor scratch, but it will eventually be covered by the side art so I’m not worrying about it. Anyway, on to the pictures!

Used some spray lacquer to seal the exposed sanded MDF.

My “Destructoid-green” t-molding arrived just in time!

Retroforce, meet Retro-Prime!

This is towards the end of a two-day long cycle of paint-sand-paint-sand-paint-sand…rinse and repeat. It was a lot of work, but it looks fantastic! All glossy-like :)

So after everything was all dry, I started to attach the t-molding. Since I didn’t have a rubber mallet, and since the stores were closed, I had to improvise. A little Yankee ingenuity later, and you have a rubber mallet replacement! (aka: a hammer wrapped in a towel)

Sorry for the crappy photo... I cut a notch in the t-molding to go around the corners.


Installing components, beginning to wire it up!

Ground wire is daisy-chained.

In the middle of wiring/packing, what a mess!

Here she is all rigged up and in a playable state at the old apartment, sorry for the crappy cell phone pics, my camera had already been packed away. I’ll take some photos of it in action in the new house when I get home tonight.

Hopefully I’ll get settled in the new place soon and I can continue work on The Retroforce. Here’s my remaining checklist.
-finalize/order artwork
-make a screen bezel
-buy plexi glass for the screen/bezel area
-cut plexi glass for the control panel
-rig up marquee light
-tidy up my game lists/install other systems

So close!!!
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